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Eyeglass Frame Stripped Screw

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The tiny screw holding together my glasses frame around my right lens seems to keep If the barrel of the frame is stripped, your optician can use a screw with a hex-nut

Remove a stripped screw or bolt. – Instructables – Make, How To

The screw is really small ( about 1/2cm) ,and I used a small eyeglass screwdriver.I may have stripped it. Eyeglasses Frames Men; Eyeglasses it with the eyeglass screw
Remove a stripped screw or bolt. - Instructables - Make, How To

Can just swapping out the lenses multiple times damage glasses

One of the most common problems with eye glasses is a broken hinge due to a stripped or lost screw. What are Eyeglasses Frames?
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How to repair stripped threads in eyeglass frame? – Yahoo! Answers

The spring hinges on eyeglass frames allow the temple part of the frame to flex outward to fit a wide variety of How to Fix Loose Screw. Typically, stripped holes cause Need to remove a stripped screw or bolt? This is one of the many ways to do it, only requires a dremel.
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